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Farmers and Ranchers to Speak Out about Keystone XL on November 3

October 21, 2009

Yesterday, Plains Justice sent a letter to the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission on behalf of Dakota Rural Action (DRA), a family farm and ranch group that is a party in the Keystone XL pipeline proceedings. DRA and its members will voice their requests and concerns during the Keystone XL public hearing on November 3. From the letter:

Unlike the Commission, DRA does not have the resources needed to hire the expert witnesses required to respond to TransCanada’s experts; therefore, DRA will not be providing expert testimony. Instead, DRA encourages Commission staff in their efforts to protect the public and urges the Commission to fully consider the concerns and requests provided by citizens during the public comment period. . . . For now, DRA intends to focus its limited resources on assisting landowners in other efforts to protect their families, homes, lands, and businesses from this massive and dangerous project.

In addition:

DRA also intends to provide the Commission with documents related to specific concerns, some of which DRA acquired from TransCanada in the discovery process, some of which it found on its own. Unfortunately, TransCanada’s responses to DRA’s information requests have proven to be of little worth. Worse, TransCanada’s actions have severely hindered DRA’s efforts in this proceeding and consumed time and resources that DRA had intended to commit to preparation for the upcoming hearing.

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