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State Says Farmers “Satisfied” with Keystone Pipeline

October 31, 2009

Keystone pipeline farmland reclamation work done during wet conditions

Landowners along the Keystone pipeline may be interested in a new report from a consultant for the state of South Dakota. (.PDF file, search for “agricultural impacts.”) It was prepared as part of the state’s evidence for the Keystone XL proceedings that begin on Monday.

Retired economist Michael Madden analyzed the socioeconomic impacts of the Keystone pipeline and reported that “agricultural interests seemed satisfied with their negotiations, resulting agreements, and the company’s carrying out of details associated with the agreements.” While there was some concern about roads, “all of those interviewed had no major worry road rehabilitation would not be performed by the company.”


Ever since starting this blog, Plains Justice has been hearing from distressed owners of South Dakota agricultural land along the route of the Keystone pipeline. Last week alone we got

  • a message from someone asking for help with Keystone pipeline eminent domain proceedings.
  • new photos of agricultural land that the owner says has been damaged by TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline contractor
  • email from another farmer who says he has experienced crop damage, land damage and continued lack of access to a pasture because of unrepaired township road damage – despite repeated assurances of road repair from the Public Utilities Commission

Photo courtesy of Kent Moeckly, who owns land about 12 miles SW of Britton, South Dakota

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