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Should TransCanada Have to Follow Rules That Ag Producers Do?

April 20, 2010

On April 9th, TransCanada asked the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission to change some of the conditions the Commissioners put on the Keystone XL pipeline when they approved it.

In a response letter posted on the PUC’s website, a South Dakota rancher who owns property that would be crossed by the Keystone XL pipeline asserts that agricultural producers have to follow rules similar to those conditions every day. He asks the Commissioners not to change the conditions.

For example, under the current conditions, TransCanada would have to report any spills of hazardous materials associated with the pipeline. The company has asked the PUC to change that, so the company would only have to report spills of hazardous materials of five or more gallons.

Says the rancher,

Any spill of hazarous material needs to be reported to the property owner and cleaned up and the site reclaimed. Just one example the producers in agriculture have to follow safety requirements in crop spraying with herbicides and pesticides. All spraying equipment are on a containment pad during filling or cleaning. Any spills of chemical are to be called to the phone number labeled on the chemical container.

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