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Concern About Keystone XL Pipeline Is Increasing

June 7, 2010

If you’re wondering why there has been a lot of news coverage recently of people’s concerns about the Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska and why it didn’t happen sooner, the simple answer is the release of the pipeline’s draft environmental impact statement (DEIS). Because Nebraska didn’t have a state permitting procedure that was similar to South Dakota and Montana, the release of the DEIS and its accompanying public hearings have been the first big, obvious opportunities for the people of the state to weigh in.

And weigh in they have. Lots of concern about the Ogallala aquifer and the Nebraska sand hills, as well as pipeline safety in general. The links below are all from the last two weeks.

Impact of oil spill will be profound, Lincoln Journal-Star, 6/7/10

Find good from tragedy, Lincoln Journal-Star, 6/7/10

Gulf spill raises pipeline concerns, Omaha World Herald, 6/6/10

Danger to water supply, Lincoln Journal-Star, 6/2/10

Nebraska eyes on leaking Alaska pipeline, Nebraska Watchdog, 5/27/10 (nonprofit group)

Gulf mess “spills” into Nebraska, Nebraska Watchdog, 5/25/10 (nonprofit group)

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