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Dead Ducks in Alberta, Road Problems in Kansas

October 28, 2010

Recent tar sands pipeline news items include the euthanization of 230 ducks that landed on a tar sands tailings pond in northern Canada, where controversy rages over tar sands extraction methods (for more about that, National Geographic had a detailed tar sands piece recently).

Syncrude Mildred Lake tar sands mine and in situ extraction site, where (by today’s count) over 1800 ducks have died from landing on toxic tailings ponds


Just a week after paying a CAN$3 million fine for the deaths of 1600 ducks that landed on its tailing ponds in 2008, Canada tar sands extractor Syncrude had to euthanize 230 ducks that landed on its tar sands tailing ponds this week (there was tv coverage of the story out of Calgary).

Also this week, down in Peabody, Kansas, Marion County commissioners will be meeting with TransCanada representatives to discuss urgent road repairs waiting since the construction of the Keystone I pipeline’s Cushing extension through eastern Kansas. According to the commission, “there have been a lot of complaints about Remington Road between 290th Road and U.S. 56 and Timber and Turkey Creek roads south of U.S. 50” and short-term gravel fixes will cause severe damage to roads if not permanently repaired before winter. The Peabody (KS) Gazette Bulletin reports: “TransCanada representatives repeatedly told commissioners that they would be good neighbors about road repairs, Commissioner Dan Holub said, adding that now is the time to live up to that promise.” County commissioners and other officials with authority to put binding pre-conditions on approval of Keystone XL, take note.

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