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Keystone XL Construction Prep Work Underway in South Dakota

November 18, 2010

Yesterday the Rapid City Journal reported that TransCanada has leased a 30-acre site along S.D. Highway 79 near Hoover, for three years. The land is intended as a staging area for long sections of 36-inch steel pipe for Keystone XL pipeline crews. The site will serve construction in southern Harding County, a corner of Butte County and parts of Perkins and Meade Counties.Butte County Commissioners Friday. to check whether a special use permit is needed for the pipe yard near Hoover.

On Friday, Butte County Commissioners told TransCanada representative Michael Calhoun that since Butte County has no zoning, there is no requirement for additional permits in the county. According to Calhoun as reported by the Journal:

If the nearest Butte County road is used, a bridge must be upgraded to handle the weight. Each pipe section is 80 feet long. They are carried three at a time by semi truck rigs from a railroad unloading site to staging areas such as the one in Butte County.

Calhoun also stated that work camps will be sited in Harding and Meade Counties.

The pipeline has not yet received a presidential permit from the State Department.

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