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Big Oil Tax Exemptions Anger Kansas Citizens

February 18, 2011

TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline is tax exempt for the next decade in Kansas and people are angry. While pipeline supporters claim there will be economic benefits for several decades to come, most citizens are concerned that the estimated loss of 50 million dollars from TransCanada taxes is not good for the state. The Kansas City Star reported that while the tax exemptions could have long-term benefits, there are still concerns about cutting the big oil company a “deal”.

“If we had that pipeline on the tax rolls this year, we could have cut
our levy by 30 to 40 percent,” said Dan Holub, a Marion County
commissioner. “Rural counties don’t have much of a tax base and a whole
bunch of expenses. We’ve got 1,600 miles of road.”

Kansas tax exceptions are another issue in a long list of concerns that citizens across the plains states have with TransCanada, the existing Keystone pipeline and the future Keystone XL pipeline project.

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