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Will Keystone XL Serve China More Than US?

March 1, 2011

One of the main arguments for TransCanda’s push for approval of its Keystone XL pipeline project, is that it will alleviate the United States’ dependence on Middle Eastern oil. But is our dependence on Middle Eastern oil? Or does the dependence lie on multinational oil companies? Harlan Hentages, a Oklahoma based attorney, believes that the Keystone XL pipeline may decrease our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, but does not relieve us of our economic dependence on enormous energy corporations.

While the US has received its oil from the Middle East for decades, Hentages believes that the “dependence” all came to a head during the Bush administration.

In wake of 9-11, President Bush implemented two bold plans but without adequate consideration of the consequences. First, he envisioned noble wars of liberation in Afghanistan and Iraq that would stabilise the region and decrease the cost of getting oil peacefully through the strait of Hormuz. He was wrong. Now, to insure the flow of oil, the United States is trying to rebuilding two nations that do not want to be rebuilt by the US. The subsidy for foreign oil is greater than ever.

Second, President Bush envisioned buying fuel, called bitumen, from Canada, our friendly neighbour to the north. He pushed for approval of a bitumen pipeline to be built by TransCanada, a multinational energy corporation headquartered in Alberta. Bush’s vision was  wrong again.

What we are now left with is the inevitable construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, where some of the Canadian crude that will run through it is owned by China, not the United States. The US, mainly the midwest, will have to deal with a large pipeline running through the middle of it and receive no benefits. In turn, they will have to deal with higher priced oil, environmental degradation and the taking of private lands.


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