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TransCanada Bison Pipeline Causing Problems in Eastern Montana [VIDEO]

April 20, 2011

Today the Billings Gazette published two front page articles on problems encountered by landowners who signed easements for TransCanada’s Bison natural gas pipeline to cross their property along a 97-mile route in eastern Montana, near the proposed route of Keystone XL. One article focuses on conflicts between TransCanada and landowners, many of whom claim they haven’t gotten what they were promised in terms of everything from input on reseeding to proper backfill of the pipeline trench to loss of topsoil.  One rancher is quoted as saying, “Basically, it’s a land mine.” TransCanada responds that if landowners are dissatisfied with the company’s response to their complaints, they can always contact the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The other article describes damages caused along the route by TransCanada’s errors, including right of ways through alfalfa fields replanted in sagebrush.  The article concludes with the same disgruntled rancher remarking, ““I settled for what I thought was a good price.  If I had to do it today, I wouldn’t settle for three times as much.”  A video accompanies the story with more detail about damage.

Watch the outcome on Bison closely to find out what kind of neighbor TransCanada will be.


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