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Upcoming Nebraska Pipeline Events

July 22, 2011

List of Nebraska “I Stand with Randy” Events (by date and time)

1. Aug 5, 6-8 pm
Grandmothers and Grandchildren Against the Pipeline Party: 3037 Sewell, Lincoln
We’ll have snacks, talk about clean water and the Sandhills and make some art and cookies shaped like Nebraska. Host: Nancy Packard

2. Aug 5, 7-9pm
Painters Stand with Randy: Burkholder Project, 719 P St, Lincoln
A beautiful display of local art on First Friday at the Burkholder Project. Original Anne Burkholder Sandhills prints for sale ($125) and “I Stand with Randy” shirts and yard signs available. All money will go to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline. Host: Grace Gandu

3. Aug 5, 8:30-9pm
Bicyclists Stand with Randy: 1624 South St, Lincoln
A bike ride from the Near South Community Bike Kitchen to the Governor’s Mansion protest at 9pm. Host: Adam Hintz

4. Aug 5, 9-10pm
Shine a Light on Heineman: Governor’s Mansion, 1425 H St, Lincoln
Meet at the Governor’s Mansion with a flashlight. We’ll shine our flashlights to show him we are watching and keeping him accountable on the pipeline. We need to form a circle around the mansion, so bring your friends and family to keep Heineman accountable. Host: Jane Kleeb

5. Aug 6, 2-4pm
Poets Stand with Randy: Crescent Moon Coffee, 816 P St, Lincoln
A collection of Nebraska’s finest poets will read water haiku and other poems in honor of the Sand Hills and the Aquifer. Hosts: Jim and May Pipher

6. Aug 6, 4-6pm
Water Play: 7521 Nemaha St, Lincoln
Play in the water in my backyard, build your own aquifer, enjoy snacks and beverages…and learn why what you can do to protect the Sand Hills of Nebraska. Host: Mary Jane Bruce

7. Aug 6, 2-6pm
Bands Against the Tar Sands: PS Collective, 6056 Maple St, Omaha
Join us at the PS Collective (adjoining The Pizza Shoppe in Benson) for an event featuring music by various local bands such as the Prairie Gators’ fabulous Cajun Louisiana French rhythms as well as smaller acts by other artists in between sets (think poetry, drama, whatever we can come up with). Suggested Donation: $5. Host: Jane Wilson

8. Aug 7, 2-5pm
Rural Writers Stand with Randy: 801 East Benjamin Ave, Norfolk
Poetry and writers from people around Norfolk will share their love of the Sandhills and talk about the risks of the pipeline. Host: Neil Harrison

9. Aug 7, 2-4pm
An Enemy of the People: Center for People in Need, 3901 N. 27th, Lincoln
This will be a dramatic reading of Henrik Iben’s famous play about a physician who, in attempting to rid his town of contaminated water, instead is labeled An Enemy of the People.  We will read select scenes, and hope to have discussion afterward. Host: Pippa White

10. Aug 7, 6-9pm
Lincoln Musicians Stand With Randy: Zoo Bar, 136 N. 14th St, Lincoln
Show featuring Lincoln musical acts Manny Coon, Dr. John Walker, and The Amalgamators.  Live music, perhaps a little poetry, and maybe even an appearance by Randy himself! Suggested Donation: $5. Host: Ben Gotschall

11. Aug 7 4-10pm
Lincoln Musicians Stand With Randy: Duggan’s Pub, 11th & K St, Lincoln
FREE SHOW featuring: Kickin’ Back, The Hundred Miles, The Jerry Pranksters, The Tijuana Gigolos, Lloyd McCarter and the Honky Tonk Revival, and Shaun Sparks and the Wounded Animals. Host: Marty Steinhausen

12. 7/29-8/8, all day
Save the Sandhills: Meadowlark Coffee Shop, 1624 South St, Lincoln
Art exhibit of what’s at stake if the pipeline got approved. Host: Adam Hintz

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