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U.S. House Approves Keystone XL Bill

July 27, 2011

Omaha. com reports that yesterday evening the House passed a bill requiring President Obama to approve or reject the presidential permit application for Keystone XL by November 1.  Montana’s Rep. Rehberg, South Dakota’s Rep. Noem, all 4 Kansas representatives, and all 5 Oklahoma representatives voted for the bill.  The vote split the Nebraska delegation: Terry introduced the bill and he and Smith voted for it, but Fortenberry voted against it and made a statement about the risks associated with the proposal in its current form.  The Texas delegation also split, with 29 representatives voting in favor, Reps. Doggett and E.B. Johnson voting against the bill, and Carter abstaining.  The bill now goes to the Senate, where its chance of passing is not considered high.

We couldn’t help but be entertained by Rep. Jeff Duncan’s (R-S.C.) assertion that Keystone XL opponents are “from very upper income and very wealthy families”. Good thing we didn’t miss that gem while working extra hours to pay off student loans.

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