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Enbridge Inc. Launches a Foundation

September 7, 2011

From the Big Oil Greenwashing Department, a post that’s slightly off the main topic of tar sands pipelines, but still pretty relevant, considering the central themes of pipeline safety, energy security, and appropriate regulation.  Recently arrived in our mailbox is a friendly, personalized letter from Joanne Gardner, “Leader and President” (and lone staffer) of the energy4everyone Foundation, located in Calgary, Alberta.  Energy4everyone’s mission is to “work with companies in the Canadian energy industry – and project delivery partners – to support the delivery of affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to communities that do not have it.”  Well, that sounds very nice.  The foundation has projects in Tanzania, Ghana, and right at home at Change for Children in Edmonton and Light Up the World in Calgary.

The mailing from Ms. Gardner includes energy4everyone’s first annual report, which details first year revenues of C$1.2M.  Nice income if you can get it, and you can if your founder is Patrick D. Daniel, President & CEO, Enbridge Inc.  But Daniel and Enbridge won’t miss a million dollars.  Daniel’s 2010 compensation totaled over C$8M and Enbridge’s 2010 earnings were C$970M.  Enbridge is the sole member of energy4everyone, and the foundation’s board of directors are all Enbridge senior management.  Enbridge also makes in-kind contributions to the foundation, including providing the accountants who performed the foundation’s audit.

And where have we heard of Enbridge before?  That’s right, Enbridge operates the pipeline that spilled catastrophically into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River last year, threatening Lake Michigan.  Plains Justice described the timeline of that spill and Enbridge’s inadequate response to it in minute-by-minute detail in our October 2010 pipeline emergency response planning report.  Maybe that’s why Ms. Gardner thought we’d like to know about Enbridge’s efforts to save the world?  She enclosed the organization’s first annual report, covered in matte black with the small white logo “LIFE NEEDS ENERGY.”  It would have been a nice touch if the cover also left your fingers oily, but perhaps that would be difficult to mail.


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