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TransCanada Threatens to Sue Nebraska

November 3, 2011

As the Nebraska legislature debates how to protect the state’s natural resources from the risks posed by the proposed Keystone XL route across the Sandhills and Ogallala aquifer, TransCanada is striking back with threats of lawsuits, injunctions and damage claims for “billions” of dollars (scroll down midway through the World-Herald article for the money quotes from TransCanada’s multiple law firms, including New York super firm Sidley Austin).  This is TransCanada up to its old tricks, bullying landowners and using the courts to do its dirty work, except this time they’re up against an entire state and the bullying is fully public.  It may be time for the Nebraska Attorney General‘s office to weigh in on the state’s right to enact laws without having to cower in fear of being bankrupted by a foreign corporation.  AG Jon Bruning, if there were ever a time to come out swinging “in Defense of the Constitution and the Laws of the State of Nebraska,” as your website banner says, now would be the moment.

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