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US Pipeline Route Landowners “Selfish”

November 18, 2011

From the west coast of Canada, columnist Craig McInnes shares his opinion that landowners along the proposed routes of tar sands pipelines are “selfish” because they don’t want to shoulder the risk of losing their livelihoods to a catastrophic spill.  Apparently, China and India’s energy needs should trump any local concerns, as well as climate impacts.

The idea that leaving Canadian oil in the ground rather than selling it to energy-hungry customers somehow benefits the world makes no sense to (China, India, and other developing countries), even if it is being done in the name of fighting climate change.  It just seems selfish.

Well, let’s share around the altruism.  If landowners must give up their rights and the boreal forest laid waste to produce energy for Asia, surely TransCanada will be willing to sell its product at cost to help out our energy-deprived Asian neighbors, right?  Because it’s all about love, not loonies, right?

I thought not.

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  1. rhonda houston permalink
    November 18, 2011 10:07 am

    I wonder what type of opinion Mr. McInnes would share if this TransCanadian pipeline went along side his land and home from which he made his livelihood when catastrophic spills occured? I’m sure too, he’s just attempting to fill in ‘an emotional gap’ which he obviously hasn’t yet experienced or he must have some long term love affair with China, India and with all those other developing countries which would prefer to ignore ‘a proven fact’ that has yet come to the public eye, which has just been supported through the work, just completed on for the last ten years by National Geographic. The research of Dr. Anderson of Rice University, of Houston, Texas, whose performed this proven scientific informational research, which was discussed in October 2011, that was censored by the state of Texas (via the “Houston Chronical” newspaper) so as to keep under raps this new found information that would have publically kill the enthusiasm for the transporting of these tar oils through (our country of North America) and would have killed the Texas’ public want’ of’ their ‘drill, baby drill’ hope to continue, and for the support for the new multi-millionaire oil line, that will be coming out of Oklahoma, which is supposed to connect with and to the TransCanada Pipeline.
    By, the way, Dr. Anderson’s resource findings, which were sponsored by National Geographic on which he had worked for 10 yrs, were suggested by Texas, that if he erased all of those findings, they would present him with a printed version of his work for the public to view, concerning his study, thus, the state of Texas, would publish his paper. Anderson found throughout all his 10 yrs of research that our climate has been changed and has been affected. To have all his work erased, that showed support for climate change caused by man, Dr. Anderson declined to have his research published by the state of Texas. One’s view of the world all depends on from what window one views the world, and how much one values Freedom of information !!!

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