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TransCanada Moves Back Keystone XL Operational Date Again, to 2015

February 16, 2012

This blog reported in December 2011 that TransCanada had recently held two binding open seasons for contracts to ship on the Houston Lateral and Cushing MarketLink portions of Keystone XL, starting in 2013 and 2014, according to SEC filings.  Then came the news that the State Department wouldn’t act on the Presidential Permit until 2013.  Now TransCanada has pushed back its operational date for the full pipeline until 2015.  Of course, those shippers for the Houston Lateral and Cushing MarketLink are at the top of TransCanada’s list of priorities:

At the request of shippers who have contracted for capacity on Keystone XL, TransCanada is still mulling first completing the leg of the pipeline that would run from the bloated oil storage hub at Cushing, Oklahoma, to Texas refineries on the Gulf of Mexico.

Plains Justice has already predicted – as observers of an international campaign with a life of its own – that any attempt to segment the pipeline to avoid the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act would lead to litigation.  TransCanada presses on.  Shippers get antsy.  This is getting interesting.

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