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Texans Fighting Eminent Domain Land Grab

February 21, 2012

The Toronto Star reports that in the Texas stretch of the proposed Keystone XL route,

farm manager Julia Trigg Crawford has sought a temporary restraining order to prevent the company, TransCanada, from beginning any construction or digging on her property until issues of legal jurisdiction are decided.

Although TransCanada claims to have no intention to begin trenching or construction until the Presidential Permit question is resolved, the company is pursuing condemnation of private land in state courts along the route.  If TransCanada’s behavior in the Dakotas is any guide, the targets for condemnation are landowners who have resisted the pipeline company’s triumphal, Sherman-like march to the sea.  TransCanada claims to have easement agreements with 99% of the landowners along the route, and continues to make noises about building the Oklahoma-Texas stretch of Keystone XL while awaiting U.S. approval for the border crossing.  Right-wing Tea Party activists are joining environmentalists to resist TransCanada’s attempts to take private land against landowners’ wishes.

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