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Texans Fight Eminent Domain Use by TransCanada

February 29, 2012

Texas advocates forwarded the announcement below, posted here in its entirety.

Stand with Landowners to Stop Eminent Domain Abuse.

“There’s no such thing as a voluntary agreement with a company or government that has the power to take your property,”

—Bill Peacock, vice president for the Texas Policy Foundation

What if a private corporation decided that they wanted to take your land for their own private gain? What if the state you lived in let them do it, whether you wanted to sell your land or not?

Sign the Petition: Stand Up with Julia Trigg Crawford and Her Family to Save Their Land

Julia Trigg and her family refused to settle with TransCanada. When TransCanada asked a judge to condemn their land, they pointed to their T-4 permit to prove their common carrier status. If checking a box does not conclusively establish eminent domain power, then TransCanada took the Crawford family’s land before they ever had to show proof of fulfilling the legal requirements of a public pipeline.

Donate to the Crawford Legal Defense Fund

The Crawford family has decided to fight the oil giant TransCanada for their land and for the rights of all property owners in Texas. Stand with them against corporate bullies that use unconstitutional legal loopholes to steal land from Texas property owners. This fight will be long and costly – please donate to the Crawford Family Legal Defense Fund today.

Go to this link for more information.

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  1. March 4, 2012 11:41 am

    the updated donation link can be found at

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